Heating and Air Repair

If you need Heating and Air Repair for your home or business in Metro Atlanta, no other local Air Conditioning Repair Service will treat you and your HVAC System quite like Dobbs Heating and Air!

Heating and Air Repair

Metro Atlanta’s Best Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Service – Dobbs Heating and Air Repair

It’s bound to happen. HVAC units are traditionally built to endure about a decade of normal usage. But Heating and Air Conditioning Units in and around the Metro Atlanta area encounter anything BUT normal usage. Metro Atlanta weather can really wreak havoc on your HVAC Units, and leave you constantly in a state of needing professional Heating and Air Repair. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew someone in the Heating and Air Repair business? Well you do! Your friends at Dobbs Heating and Air can help with all your Air Conditioning Repair needs, HVAC Unit Repair needs, and so much more!

If you have lived in or around Metro Atlanta for very long, you know how crazily the weather can change from one day to the next. In the span of one week, Atlanta residents can plan to go from flip-flops and tank tops to jackets and fuzzy boots, or from sunglasses and big sun-shielding hats to goulashes and rain coats. It’s violently unpredictable!

Think That Sounds Far-fetched? Well, Check Out These Recent Statistics!

In the years following 2010, the average median temperature in Metro Atlanta varied at least 30 degrees inside of a 3-day span on more than 30 occasions per year. That’s a 30+ degree shift in less than 3 days, 30 different times per year! That also means that 90 out of the 360+ days every year are involved in some sort of massive temperature shift. In essence, 25% of the time in Metro Atlanta, residents and business owners will experience a 30+ degree shift in temperature. If that doesn’t prove the fact that climate control in Metro Atlanta is a daunting task, we don’t know what else would! In recent years, severe droughts have more than once given way to torrents of rainfall, causing massive flash flooding throughout Georgia. We have consistently experienced 70 degree days in the middle of winter. We are prone to freezing rain and ice in April, and deep frosts in early May. We may have a mild summer one year, and a record high temp slugfest the next year. The only thing that a person can really predict about Metro Atlanta and West Georgia’s weather is that fact that our local weather is pretty unpredictable. How would you plan for climate control in such an out-of-control climate? If you want real solutions to your climate control situation, we recommend calling Dobbs today!

As these wildly fluctuating weather trends continue, Atlanta area residents prepare for the weather by using two effective methods:

  • Keep a variety of seasonal clothing items close, even if they’re not technically in season
  • Keep all Commercial and Residential HVAC units operating at FULL CAPACITY

While there isn’t very much that Dobbs Heating and Air can do for the first choice (besides recommend some great local clothing store options), we can do EVERYTHING about your Commercial and Residential Heating and Air Repair needs. We are experts at diagnosing your Heating and Air Repair problems quickly and efficiently, and offering quick and reasonable estimates for the best fit solutions for your home or business. If you need Heating and Air Repair, call us!

Don’t let a sudden heatwave or unexpected ice storm catch your home or business off guard! Call Dobbs Heating and Air today, and let one of our certified HVAC Repair Specialists ensure that your home or business stays comfortable and safe throughout every season, even if you encounter all four seasons in a one-week span. Don’t laugh! It can happen! Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at us with quality HVAC Repair Services from Dobbs Heating and Air!