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There are so many great options for new HVAC Thermostats and total home control smart thermostats! Get the perfect controls for your HVAC system from Dobbs Heating and Air.


Get the Control Over Your Climate, Your Home, or Your Facility with Dobbs HVAC

Perhaps the only thing that has advanced more than HVAC Systems for homes and businesses in the last 20 years is the thermostats and smart devices we use to control them. More than just climate control, modern thermostat and smart controllers give you the ability to have total atmospheric control, total security controls, and total efficiency controls, all at the touch of a button. You might think that a digital whole-home control device is just for show, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Today’s thermostats offer smart solutions for energy savings, and all-in-one technology for being in total control of your home or business, regardless of where you are. No more putting tape over the thermostat to keep the kids from cranking the AC and leaving it. No more wasted hours of heating or cooling your office when no one is there. Nights and weekends are easy to program, or override, from wherever you have access to your smartphone. And Dobbs HVAC knows the ins and outs of installing and programming any programmable thermostat or smart control device you have. We can help you install your device, or troubleshoot and repair a wayward controller.

Thermostats Really Affect Your Total Climate Control Experience, and Much More

Nothing is worse than being in a home or facility without having the ability to control the climate. Although much has changed since the earliest days of climate controllable thermostats, the functionality was pretty linear for a long time. At least, until the smart thermostat showed up. Today’s modern thermostats are so advanced, so customizable, and so capable, that controlling the general climate of a home or business is only a fraction of their total functionality.

For instance, the latest home automation systems let you control the total atmosphere and environment in your home from almost anywhere in the world. When paired with your HVAC thermostat, these types of home automation systems let you control the lights, the temperature, the door and window locks, your appliances, and basically anything else that can be tied into your home’s power grid structure. Talk about more than climate control! A new home automation thermostat system can give you total control of your home or business.

Dobbs Heating and Air – The Best in Thermostats and Total Home Automation

When you need an expert technician to install, repair, or troubleshoot your smart thermostat or total home control device, you need someone with the intelligence to understand modern technology, and the experience to have seen it all before. For more than a decade, your friends from Dobbs Heating and Air have been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area meet their climate control needs. We have the experience to know what thermostats would work best with your HVAC system, and the expertise to help discover what the best solutions are for your home or business.

Our HVAC thermostat experts are trained in every major make and model of thermostat technology you might have for your home or business. From the best overall smart thermostat on the market, to the best standard programmable thermostat for your home, even the best in regards to value, or the easiest to master, your Dobbs professional is here to help you, every step of the way. From wireless thermostats, to thermostats that excel with humidity control, and even old school, non-programmable thermostats, Dobbs has exactly what you need in a new thermostat. Call or contact us today to set up a FREE on-site assessment of all your HVAC needs.

History of Thermostat Technology - A Shining Example of Our Desire for Climate Control

It’s hard to imagine a world in which we don’t have smart devices or total home controllers. But it’s not hard to imagine that since the early days of human history, we have been trying our best to find ways to be comfortable, regardless of the weather. When it was too cold, someone might venture to build a fire, or take shelter in a cave. If it was too warm, it might have been a bit more challenging to cool off, except for maybe staying near water, or finding a way to circulate the air while sitting in shaded areas. Although many inventions and methods for climate control came and went, things took a big leap forward in 1906, when Honeywell introduced us all to the first home thermostat. By the 1930’s, the company had upgraded their thermometers with electric clocks, so that programming could be more precise. The earliest thermostats that you might actually recognize, the Dial Thermostat, came around in 1953.

For whatever your HVAC System needs are in the Greater Atlanta area and beyond, nobody takes care of your climate control needs like Dobbs HVAC. Call or contact us to set up and FREE consultation or estimate for any of our HVAC services.

"Highly recommend!”

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“Dobbs installed and has maintained our HVAC system for the last 10 years. Their technicians are excellent and always professional. Highly recommend!”
~ Annie W, Satisfied Customer

"I wholeheartedly recommend this company”

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“Last summer, Dobbs installed a new A/C unit and furnace in my house. Today, the technician came to inspect my furnace (regular maintenance), and he said everything looked great. He did not rush through the service (I could tell he was very thorough). He was extremely personable and knowledgeable. I wholeheartedly recommend this company for their honesty and courteous service, always.”
~ Gale L, Satisfied Customer

"I highly recommend them!"

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“The team of reps and technicians at Dobbs are always friendly, knowledgeable, professional and accommodating. Dobbs has been servicing our home for almost 10 years and I highly recommend them!”
~ Diane Manuel, Satisfied Customer

"John was great"

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"John was great. I use DOBBS for both my business and home and would not trust anyone else with my HVAC needs.”
~ Jeremy Commins, Satisfied Customer

"Do yourself a favor and call them!”

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“On a Saturday, I was sitting outside on my back deck and noticed my Unit sounded funny. I went to inspect and found the fan not spinning. Turned off the unit and started it up to see if it fixed itself, unfortunately not. Looked up a heating and air in Douglasville, saw Dobbs and called them first. My only call. They picked up and sent Johnathan out. Called at 5:30, he was done at 6:45pm. They are affordable and awesome knowledge! Do yourself a favor and call them!”
~ Kerri B, Satisfied Customer

"This is a great group to work with!”

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“This is a great group to work with! We've had a service contract with Dobbs for several years, and we've always been pleased with their service. In particular, I like that they take the time to explain how the system works and what's not working. They answer all our questions. Keith and several different techs have come out, and they have all been great to work with. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family. ”
~ Nathan W, Satisfied Customer

"I would recommend Dobbs Heating and Air"

5 stars
“They were professional, explained how to use the new thermostat. When the crew left, I received a call from the office asking how everything went. I would recommend Dobbs Heating and Air.”
~ Barbara Post, Satisfied Customer