Air Handlers


Air Handlers

When people in Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area need new Air Handlers for home or business, they call Dobbs Heating and Air!


Who Handles Your Air Handlers Better than Anyone Else in Greater Atlanta? Dobbs HVAC

For more than 15 years, the certified Air Handler pros from Dobbs Heating and Air have been at the forefront of Air Handler technology. This all but guarantees that when you call us for any type of service for your residential or commercial climate control system, you’re getting expert care from the very first point of contact. Today’s Air Handler technology is superior in just about every way to the systems of the past, including efficiency ratings, power ratings, size and output ratings, SEER ratings, and every other major way, all while keeping your utility costs down. New models may also boast features like tankless technology, EcoNet enablement, and integrated water heating capability to go along with industry-best Air Handler functionality.

If you have a current Air Handler of any brand or style, and you’re considering replacing it or repairing it, you can rest assured that our representatives will never try to sell you something you don’t need. Our on-site reps are trained for any type HVAC system need you may have, regardless of how old your system may be, or how cutting-edge it may be. From customer service, to serving our customers, nobody in the Greater Atlanta area does it quite like Dobbs HVAC. We are a certified Rheem dealer, but we are trained and certified to handle any brand or style of Air Handler that you need service for, including but not limited to Lennox, Century, Carrier, York, and many more. If you need Air Handler Installation, Air Handler Repairs, Air Handler Maintenance, Air Handler Replacement, or any other HVAC services for your home or business, call Dobbs HVAC.

Dobbs HVAC – Bringing Comfort Back Home in Metro Atlanta for Over 15 Years

When you friends and neighbors in Douglasville, Marietta, Kennesaw, Atlanta, and throughout the Great State of Georgia need Air Handler repairs, replacement, or installation, they turn to the experts who they know will treat their needs with the utmost respect and care. Since the very beginning, folks have trusted the experience and expertise of Dobbs Heating and Air Conditioning. And once homeowners and business owners have experienced the attention to detail, the high level of service, the dependability of craftmanship, and the top-notch customer service from Dobbs HVAC, they just won’t go with anybody else. We’ve had many customers stay with us since the first day we opened our doors. If you need service for Air Handling Units, HVAC Systems, or any other Heating and Air product, call Dobbs HVAC!

Dobbs HVAC – Expert Service for Air Handlers in Every Facility, in Any Capacity

While we often associate Air Handlers with bigger Commercial Buildings, there are many different applications for a well-installed air handling system. Many multi-facility dwellings or larger homes will use an air handler to control the flow of air conditioning and heating, as well as humidity and quality of air. Warehouse buildings and manufacturing facilities benefit greatly from a well-installed air handler, for filtration reasons as much as anything else, although temperature and humidity are also important in these facility types. Educational facilities, Medical facilities, office buildings, and so many more facility types could also benefit from the clean, climate-controlled filtration and circulation that an air handling unit can provide.

For Air Handler Repairs, Replacement, or New Installation, Call Dobbs HVAC

If you have an air handler that isn’t working as it should, our experts can diagnose any brand of air handling unit. If your air handler needs to be replaced, our experts can handle all your air handler replacement needs. If you’re just curious as to what a perfectly-installed air handler could do for the comfort of your home or business, we are licensed and certified to handle all your needs. When it comes to your home or your business, your comfort is our top priority. For this reason, our experts provide top-level repair, replacement, and installation services for your Air Handlers, HVAC Systems, and all the components that work together to keep you and your people safe and comfortable. Call Dobbs Heating and Air today, and let us bring comfort back to your home or business. FREE on-site Assessments.