Trane Thermostats


Trane Thermostats

Create the perfect environment for your family with the Nexia integrated Trane Thermostat. Maintain control, comfort, and safety all in one place! Call Dobbs HVAC for your home automation installation.

Increase Your Comfort and Maintain Your Safety With Dobbs Heating and Air – Call Us Today!

The Nexia home automation system paired with the Trane Thermostat is the perfect combination for a perfectly climate-controlled home. Nexia’s built-in technology gives you access to remotely control your home’s environment from your smart phone or computer. Nexia is flexible, dependable, and reliable. Its compatibility with multiple products allows you to use Nexia as an all-in-one app that communicates with your smart home’s devices. Whether you want to control your home’s internal temperature, or check for an unlocked front door, Nexia bridges the gap for security and comfort. Connected controls are the wave of the future. With Wi-Fi powered Trane Thermostats, Nexia controlled appliances, and integrated security systems, you can live a more relaxed, cool, and energy efficient life. Call Dobbs Heating and Air for Nexia and Trane installation today!

Create the Perfect Environment for Your Family With Dobbs Hvac Nexia Integrated Trane Thermostat

Do you need manual or programmable Trane Thermostats? Our Dobbs HVAC specialists can install any thermostat to meet your comfort needs. Our Trane Thermostats and Nexia’s home automation system creates a seamless system for reliability and control. Nexia Home Automation matched with Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ controls allows you to adjust the temperature from any Wi-Fi powered device like an iPhone, Table, or Computer. Bring an ultimate level of comfort to your home, and manage your climate from anywhere. Nexia’s technology allows you to program your desired temperature, set an automated daily schedule, and receive alerts when your Trane Thermostat has been touched. Plus, if there’s a problem with your system, Nexia will alert you, and you can then notify our Dobbs Technicians to come repair it. Our Nexia integrated Trane Thermostats has the capability to expand as your home evolves. Call Dobbs Heating and Air to make an appointment today!

Nexia’s Home Automation is Conveniently Placed With Trane’s Comfortlink™ Technology

Nexia was made with your comfort in mind. This innovative home automation system provides an unending solution for your home’s heating and air conditioning. Nexia has made a wave as the latest innovation in home comfort by using Z-Technology to connect to your smart devices. Never stress about whether you’ve left the air conditioning on while out of town, or if you’re behind on scheduling maintenance for your air filter. Nexia works with Trane’s Wi-Fi powered ComfortLink™ Thermostats to control, schedule, and automate your home’s daily routine without thinking twice! You can now monitor your living environment from anywhere. It’s never been easier to have comfort and reliability at your fingertips! Call Dobbs Heating and Air for more information about installing the latest Trane Thermostat and Nexia technology!