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Trane Furnace

When you’re in the market for a new whole-home or office Furnace in Metro Atlanta, consider a Trane Furnace, supplied and installed to perfection by the professionals from Dobbs Heating and Air!

Stay Warm and Cozy All Winter Long With a Brand-new Trane Furnace From Dobbs Heating and Air

If you are interested in a new Trane Furnace for your home or business, look no further than Dobbs! Trane Furnaces are some of the highest-rated Whole-Home or Whole-Office Furnaces in the entire HVAC market. As the saying goes, It’s Hard to Stop a Trane! If your residential or commercial Heating Unit is not functioning like you’re accustomed to, Dobbs can help with your Trane Furnace, or any other type of HVAC brand or product! If your climate control is out of control in winter time, your local Dobbs Heating and Air representative can gladly evaluate your situation, listen to your primary concerns, and make expert recommendations for a whole-home or office Furnace repair, replacement, or installation. Our trained specialists can also give you a fair estimate for on-going service options, or give you an estimate to supply and install a brand new Trane Furnace for your home or business today! Call or contact us for your new Trane Furnace!

Change the Total Comfort of Your Home or Business for the Better With a New Trane Furnace

What could be better than getting a Trane TruComfort Furnace system? Perhaps the only thing that would improve on that situation would be also getting a new Trane Furnace installed by a Dobbs Heating and Air certified Trane Comfort Specialist! Every Dobbs service technician is equipped to install, repair, replace, troubleshoot, or maintain nearly every type of HVAC Unit on the market, but did you know that every Dobbs Technician is also a fully-certified Trane Comfort Specialist? You won’t find a group of expert HVAC technicians who are more committed to each and every individual home or business client as your friends from Dobbs Heating and Air. Our expertise and desire for customer service is matched perhaps only by our expert craftsmanship and by our guaranteed service reputation. Call your local Dobbs representative today for our current scope of service for any of the outstanding Trane Furnaces we supply and install!


Trane’s ComfortLink II Communicating furnace features the industry's first true communicating, fully modulating gas valve that operates the furnace between 40% and 100% depending on your specific heating needs, providing ultimate comfort and greater efficiency for your home or business. This unit provides an astounding AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of up to 97.3%.


The XV95 Variable-Speed Motor with Comfort-R uses Two-Stage heating. It operates with gradual, steady warmth for maximum efficiency, while still retaining plenty of reserve heat on standby when you need it. The XV95 can achieve up to 97% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). During appropriate weather, this unit’s Comfort-R technology slows airspeed during startup for quieter operation, and more precise humidity control.


The XT95 Single-Stage Furnace with High Efficiency Motors converts up to 95% of its fuel while minimizing electrical usage, thereby contributing to the efficiency of your entire system for both heating and cooling seasons. The XR95 with High Efficiency Single-Stage operation has an equal emphasis on comfort and efficiency. Amazingly, this furnace converts 95% of the fuel it uses into warm, cozy heat. Now that’s top shelf efficiency!

Though your Dobbs’ service professional is experienced, trained, and able to repair, install, or replace any major or minor HVAC brand, we choose to maintain our affiliations as both Trane Comfort Specialists and as Unrestricted License Holders. This gives us, your home or business, and all of the people you care about, the best of both worlds. It’s one of the many reasons why Dobbs Heating and Air would love to be your favorite Trane Furnace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance Company for as long as you own your home or business! Call or Contact Us Today for Your New Trane Furnace!