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Thermostats Have Become a Shining Example of Our Desires for Climate Control

Since the early days of human history, we have been trying our best to find ways to be comfortable, regardless of the weather. When it was too cold, someone might venture to build a fire, or take shelter in a cave. If it was too warm, it might have been a bit more challenging to cool off, except for maybe staying near water, or finding a way to circulate the air while sitting in shaded areas. Although many inventions and methods for climate control came and went, things took a big leap forward in 1906, when Honeywell introduced us all to the first home thermostat. By the 1930’s, the company had upgraded their thermometers with electric clocks, so that programming could be more precise. The earliest thermostats that you might actually recognize, the Dial Thermostat, came around in 1953.

Thermostats Really Affect Your Total Climate Control Experience, and Much More

Although much has changed since the earliest days of climate controllable thermostats, the functionality was pretty linear for a long time. At least, until the smart thermostat showed up. Today’s modern thermostats are so advanced, so customizable, and so capable, that controlling the general climate of a home or business is only a fraction of their total functionality. For instance, the Nexia home automation system lets you control the total atmosphere and environment in your home from almost anywhere in the world. When paired with your HVAC thermostat, these types of home automation systems let you control the lights, the temperature, the door and window locks, your appliances, and basically anything else that can be tied into your home’s power grid structure. Talk about more than climate control! A new home automation thermostat system can give you total control of your home or business.

Dobbs Heating and Air – The Best in Thermostats and Total Home Automation

For more than a decade, your friends from Dobbs Heating and Air have been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Georgia and the Greater Atlanta area meet their climate control needs. We have the experience to know what thermostats would work best with your HVAC system, and the expertise to help discover what the best solutions are for your home or business. From the best overall smart thermostat on the market, to the best standard programmable thermostat for your home, even the best in regards to value, or the easiest to master, your Dobbs professional is here to help you, every step of the way. From wireless thermostats, to thermostats that excel with humidity control, and even old school, non-programmable thermostats, Dobbs has exactly what you need in a new thermostat. Call or contact us today to set up a FREE on-site assessment of all your HVAC needs.