Referral Rewards



Some companies just offer a smile and a wave for client Referrals. Dobbs Heating and Air offers all that, and a cool, crisp, $100! Nobody does Referral Rewards quite like Dobbs Heating and Air. Tell a Friend!


That’s right, you heard us. Dobbs Heating and Air, the award-winning, highly-rated, local HVAC company you’ve trusted for all your home or business HVAC needs, wants to say “Thank You” for successful client referrals in the best way we can think of. We want to pay you for successful Referrals!

If you love Dobbs Heating and Air, let your friends, family, and neighbors know about us! And for every successful referral you give that leads to a New HVAC System Installation, we’ll give you $100! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for helping Dobbs Heating and Air Bring Comfort Back Home. Start your Referral Rewards by nominating someone in the Referral Rewards Contact Form, or by calling us at (770) 445-8923. Be sure to leave your Name and Telephone Number, along with the Name and Telephone number of the person you’re referring. Conditions Apply.

Make A Referral!