Douglasville HVAC Warranties

Installation: 10 Year Parts and 5 Year Labor

Repair: 1 year Labor

There is no pesky paperwork for you to fill out. This simple and easy warranty registration process is done online and is handled in-house by Dobbs Heating and Air’s Cool Crew Members. Simply said, you’re in the best family around. Sit back and enjoy your new Comfort System and watch your comfort system work for you!

We highly recommend our Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement for all your HVAC needs for peak performance and longevity. A new comfort system from Dobbs Heating and Air comes with a 1-year Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement at no additional cost. Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for peak performance, maximizing the equipment efficiency and extending the life of your comfort system. The lack of regularly scheduled maintenance will affect the life of your system.

By Maintaining your Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement without lapse after your Comfort System replacement, all labor, service call fees, repairs and any necessary warranty parts (filters are not a warranty part) are covered on that system for 5 years from the install date. Warranty exclusions are listed below.

Homeowners that have purchased a furnace, air conditioner/heat pump or a complete system will receive a complimentary 1-year Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement, which includes 2 scheduled pre-season inspections per calendar year at 6-month intervals. The complimentary Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement will expire 12 months from the date of installation.

Existing systems are added to your Dobbs Club Member for your convenience. A max of 3 Comfort Systems can be added at no additional cost. Dobbs Club Member customers receive discounts on parts and preferred treatment in the event of a breakdown on all covered systems that are not currently under any manufacturer warranty.

The labor warranty can be transferred to a new owner, as long as the Dobbs Club Member is in affect at the time of sale.



Coverage applies to mechanical failure of any of the unit’s working components and does not cover abuse or "Acts of God".

The labor warranty will be voided if another heating and cooling contractor, or any other person or company licensed or non-licensed attempts to diagnose or repair any installation or repair that was completed by Dobbs Heating and Air.

**Warranty Exclusions Are As Followed:

  • Damage caused by hail, storms, lightning, flooding, fire, fallen trees, vandalism, power surges and other external causes or “Acts of God”. Surge protection is available, please ask your Cool Crew Member for details.
  • Damage caused by animals and insects such as corrosion from pet urine, bugs in contactors, chewed wires, creatures stuck in fan blades, bird nests, blocked flues and duct work, etc.
  • Breakdowns caused by lack of maintenance such as clogged filters, dirty outdoor coils, dirty coils and dirty blower motors. NOTE: Indoor coil/blower cleanings are NOT part of the Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement.
  • Breakdowns caused by wiring or electrical issues not pertained to the original installation of the equipment.
  • Damage due to use of the equipment beyond the design temperatures, cooling set below 70 degrees for instance.
  • Clogged condensate drains are covered for a period of 1 year only after installation. Your Dobbs Club Member Service Agreement can help prevent most water leaks and clogged drains. Water safety switches should be installed to shut down your system in the event of an overflow. If these switches have not been installed at the request of the customer, there is no warranty on any type of water damage.

Condensate (Water) Leak

Dobbs Service Experts check drain action due to particles and algae that may fall into or collect in drain pans, drain lines and/or condensation pumps. Drain lines are prone to clogging and backing up. Dobbs Heating and Air, Inc. cannot be held responsible for clogged drain lines. Technicians will clear out all drain lines using a Galo Gun that uses a CO2 cartridge, a wet vacuum or nitrogen pressure to clear the drain line if clogged or backed up. Dobbs Heating and Air, Inc. will not be responsible for damage caused by condensate drain malfunctions or flooding of any kind. To guarantee proper drain action, we must install a new evaporator coil or pull out your existing coil to properly clean and install new drains. Ask your Service Expert for a job quote.

Humidifier (Water) Leak

We only guarantee against water leaks on new humidifiers (1-year). At no time do we guarantee pipes from freezing and will not be responsible for damages caused by water leaks.

Repairs, Paint and Patchwork

Dobbs Heating and Air, Inc. is not responsible for any repair work, painting, or patchwork that may be required following modification or installation work.