Trane Air Handler

Trane Air Handlers

Trane Air Handlers

The Trane Hyperion Air Handler is an amazingly advanced solution for your energy efficiency and comfort situation. Designed to condition and circulate the air, varying its speed based on your home’s heating and cooling requirements. It gives you a consistent level of quiet comfort and saves energy in the process. We call it smart technology for better air. These refrigerator-looking, double-insulated technological innovations from Trane will surely revolutionize the Heating and Cooling industry.

The only thing smarter than investing in a great product like a Trane Air Handler is hiring a Trane Comfort Specialist to install your Air Handler with all the professional expertise and craftsmanship you expect from fully certified individuals. Your local Dobbs Heating and Air representative is much more than just Metro Atlanta’s #1 HVAC service technician, because every Dobbs service rep is also a certified Trane Comfort Specialist! It’s the best of both worlds! Check out these great Trane Air Handlers, then call Dobbs for your all your Air Handler questions, consultations, installations, repairs, or replacements.

Hyperion XL - TAM7 and TAM8

For the ultimate in efficiency, the Hyperion XL's variable-speed blower motor fine-tunes airflow, while its Comfort-R technology controls humidity. Many models feature a digital communicating technology that helps optimize the performance and energy efficiency of an unmatched comfort system.

Hyperion XB - GAM2 and GAF2

Would you like a Trane Air Handler with the kind of smart technology that gives you unparalleled reliability, sturdy, double-walled construction, ultra-quiet comfort, and a much higher air quality? Then try the Hyperion XB! As part of a matched comfort system, the durable Hyperion XB meets or exceeds all standard energy requirements, and Trane's high standards for reliability.

Hyperion XR - TAM4 and GAM5

This remarkable Residential Air Handler from Trane was built with a multi-speed blower for quieter performance, the Hyperion XR helps your Trane comfort system deliver impressive efficiency all year long, while giving your home, and the people who breathe there, cleaner air all day and night.


Looking for the technology of a Trane Air Handler, but on a specific budget? Look no further than the super-efficient, fully effective XB – TEM line of residential and light commercial Air Handlers. The TEM3 and TEM4 both feature all-aluminum coil inside a galvanized, steel cabinet. These affordable air handlers still have the technology and flexibility to blow away standard efficiency standards.

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