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A Nest air condiioning system

Automatic learning. Automatic comfort.

With top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology, The Nest Thermostat masterfully combines all the elements you want in a dream home thermostat. With convenience and eco-quality at its core, Nest Home Automation technology pays for itself in usually less than two years and proves to be the thermostat of the future. Many new thermostats require a learning curve in which you learn how the new technology works, but that’s not the case with Nest Home Automation. The Nest Thermostat learns you. It automatically picks up on the temperatures you prefer from the first few times you use it and then it goes to work all by itself. It learns your home. It learns your schedule. It learns how to cope with every room to bring that perfect temperature.

With Nest Technology serviced by Dobbs HVAC, your home gets smarter and your home gets safer. When you change the temperature before bed, the thermostat takes note, and when you turn it up in the morning, the thermostat learns how you like to start the day. If that wasn’t convenient enough, all control of your home or business’ temperature can sit right in your hand on the Nest App. Control the temperature from your phone, even when you’re away from your home. Monitor the energy you’ve saved overtime right from the app. Monitor the temperature changes in your home and even who changed it!

Moreover, if you find yourself manually changing the temperature, the thermostat knows when you walk in the room by lighting up, so even in the dark you can change the temperature easily. Your new Nest Thermostat monitors the room and the temperature changes of the entire home by sending you alerts to your phone when something unusual happens such as a sudden drop or rise in temperature.

Make your home smarter. Make your home safer. Invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat, and call Dobbs HVAC today, to have it installed in your home or business.

A Nest air condiioning system controlled by the phone in your hands

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